All of the educational animals are non-releasable native Tennessee wildlife that teaches students about the amazing animals that can be found in their own backyard. Although they can never be returned to the wild, they enjoy natural enrichment and settings at their home at Nashville Wildlife Conservation Center.


Box Turtle

Henry David Thoreau was adopted by Nashville Wildlife Conservation Center after being deemed non-releasable at Walden’s Puddle. Our best guess is that he was taken in as a pet after someone’s dog attacked him. He was kept as an aquatic turtle… (Read More)


Barred Owl

Harriet came to Walden’s Puddle as a nestling Barred Owl with juvenile cataracts (a medical condition that results in blurred vision). She was adopted by NWCC in May and was named after the abolitionist and naturalist, Harriet Tubman. As a Barred Owl… (Read More)


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