Nashville Wildlife Conservation Center helps the community of Nashville to connect, Conserve, and Coexist with Nature. 


Director + Educator
Debbie was inspired to create the Nashville Wildlife Conservation Center, because she didn’t believe that anyone should be denied access to nature. Debbie has worked as a Wildlife Rehabilitator for over five years, taking every opportunity to learn as much as she can about rehabilitation, education, and behavior. Beyond her experience in animal rehabilitation, Sykes has been educating children of all ages for several years, and is a certified Tennessee Naturalist.



Haley Stoever is a native of middle Tennessee and a graduate of Belmont University. While she has always had a love of animals, it wasn’t until she was at Belmont that she found her love of environmental education and community service. Putting these two together, she loves assisting Debbie when she can and help her come up with program ideas. Haley is a certified Tennessee Naturalist, and has over four years experience working as a naturalist. She is currently working at Bowie Nature Park in Fairview, TN.


Vice President
Denise has been an educator most of her life- including at the Humane Society in Kentucky and South Carolina, Walden’s Puddle, Warner Park Nature Center, and has been the Director of Shelby Bottoms Nature Center since 2007. She is a licensed-bird bander, and has had a love for animals all of her life. She has served on the board of the directors for TEEA, Cumberland River Compact, TWERA, and Walden’s Puddle.



Hi! My name is Jenny Sage. I went to Middle Tennessee State University and studied Ecology with hopes of becoming a conservationist. I am mostly intrigued by how species adapt to urban settings. I volunteered with Walden’s Puddle Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Middle Tennessee and eventually became hired.

That is actually where I met Debbie. She was my mentor at Walden’s Puddle. She told me of her aspirations to open her own education center and we discussed what that would look over a years time.
I finally met the right person to introduce Debbie to that could help us get this dream off of the ground. It amazes me how quickly the Nashville Wildlife Conservation Center has taken off. It definitely shows me there is a big need for wildlife education in our state, and I am proud to be a part of it.
Even though I have some wildlife experience, I feel like my niche on the board is more of the business side of things. I’ve worked as a manager and consultant for a few businesses,
I am happy and grateful to be needed and appreciated within the NWCC board.


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Nashville Wildlife Conservation is a 501(c)3, dedicated to providing quality science and environmental education to students in underserved communities. By providing environmental education programs, we help increase the quality of science education while making education more applicable to students.

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